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Custom Kits

All of our kits are made to order which means you are guaranteed to have a kit whose products are exactly as quoted. Our kits are not mass produced, but built locally in Alberta. This allows us to focus on the details… the time sensitive contents will always be at maximum freshness. And with our follow up service, we keep an eye on all expiration dates and will let you know when your kit requires a re-certification.

We offer many specialty kits that we have developed over the years with the customers needs being the most important item. We can customize any manufactures kit to your specific requirements, and put our certification on it.

Kits can be customized, and items upgraded to your exact requirements, based on

  • The number of people involved.
  • The type of vehicle they are using.
  • The area they are going into.
  • The time lapse anticipated before a search can be effectively initiated and successfully concluded.



Every kit manufactured by any company that has perishable goods, or time sensitive items must be inspected and re-packed at specific time frames set by the manufacturer.

The majority of our kits require an inspection and certification every 3 years, which involves removing every item, inspecting items for damage or wear, replacing expired or damaged items. Once the kit has been re-packed, a signed certified contents list is included in the kit, a seal is placed on the kit to allow quick visual checks of the contents integrity. The contents list on the kit shows the next re-inspection date, serial number, company name, and kit style.

We can supply you with a complete Re-Pack kit that would have everything you need to inspect, replace time sensitive items, seal, and re-label your kit yourself. You would still need to return the kit to us for re-certification every other re-pack date, or if the kit was opened or used.


Product certification is required to ensure the products in each survival kit meets or exceeds their intended use, where a failure could have serious consequences, such as negatively affecting the health and welfare of the people or person using that product. Our Aircraft kits comply with the CARs 602.61 for flights over land, "Certificates of Conformance" are supplied upon request.

Serial Numbers

Our kits are given a unique serial number at time of assembly, to aid in tracking of Re-Pack dates, and for companies with many kits in their system, the serial numbers can be customized to fit their format.


If you know exactly what kit you are looking for, send us a email or give us a call, and we will get a quote for you within 48 hours. If you are not sure what you require, contact us with your requirements and we will put together a quote for the most appropriate kit for you.


All of our products that are sold, shipped and delivered originate in Canada, therefore we are able to provide our Canadian customers the cost savings of no duties or customs fees.  Products that are hazardous goods are subject to extra charges and are the responsibility of the recipient.

We will use the most secure, cost effective and safest way to deliver your products. Products shipped in North Amrerica are shipped via Loomis, Canada Post, UPS, Purolator or FedEx unless the size of the order or the client requires alternate shipping arrangements. International orders are shipped by Air using the best freight quote we can acquire at the time. These may incur additional shipping charges and will be included in the quote. The products are shipped only after we have received payment for your order and there is available stock.

The safe shipment of your order is our priority.  We take care and attention to ship in crush protective boxes and pack our product tightly so that there is minimal movement within the boxes.  With larger orders, we will make sure that the box is not too big or unwieldy to handle.

All shipping charges, if any, are in Canadian Dollars.

Custom Kits

Our kits are customized to suit the application in which they would be needed.


Any kit that has perishable or time sensitive items, must be inspected and replenished.


All kits are certified for contents and item integrity to ensure it will perform correctly when you need it.


Every kit has a unique serial number assigned to it when assembled for easy tracking.


Certified survival kits are sealed to ensure the integrity of contents between inspections.

Inspection Reminders

Email or snail mail reminders are sent about upcoming inspections and re-certification.

Re-Pack Kits

We can ship you Re-Pack kits so you can inspect and replenish your own kit.

Add On's

You can have us add specialty items or upgrade standard equipment to your kits.

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