Personal Kits PK Series

Our Personal Survival Kits can be carried in your vehicle, taken on day hikes, or kept in a closet at home, for those unexpected situations.

All of our kits provide a means of starting a fire, providing shelter, purifying water and signaling distress. Each standard kit also provides personal protection, general equipment required to make survival easier, and reduce your health risks until help arrives.

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Designed for 1 person for a minimum of 1 day, the kit is small and compact and easily stored in your vehicle.


A 1 person 5 day extreme kit, designed for year round use. Provides food for a minimum of 5 days.


A 2 person 3 day kit, designed for year round use, for those who's travels take them into remote areas. Supplies you with what you need to survive for at least 3 days till help arrives.