Pencil Flare Set (SG-10) Red/Green/White

Pencil Flare Kit

These pen size distress signals weigh only a few grams, and are easily carried in your pocket. 15mm Flares can be seen from approximately 14 km away daytime, and 28 km at night.

They project approx. 60 metres, and are designed to extinguish after 6 seconds, before they descend to the tree tops, to prevent forest fires.

Product Specifications:

  • Visibility: 28 km nighttime, 14 km daytime
  • 15mm flares avail. in red (distress) green (OK signal) white (used for locating)
  • 15,000 candela
  • 115 decibel banger flares, for audible signaling
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Manufacturer video